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Query: does anyone know if MySQL has some sort of statement that looks in an array (a bit like the in_array function of php)?

Something like: SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE customer_number !IN_ARRAY('1','12',354') ORDER BY customer_number LIMIT 0,1 would fit me nicely for a couple of cheaters in the online statistics of the Virtual Pet Rock site.
Please mail me if it's possible.

<rant>Geez, what is it with some people anyway? They get a free virtual rock to take care of (presumably because they can't keep a goldfish alive and think a real rock is probably a bit involved) and then they cheat by hacking the statsfile.
What worries me most actually is the fact that they not only hack their stats to come out as the best caretaker, but also as the WORST caretaker. C'mon, just neglect the rock for four months, start the app and upload the stats, no need to cheat, just pure and simple neglect, an idiot could do it.</rant>

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