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The blinking! Make it stop!
OMG, I upgraded to Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and PithHelmet stopped working and now I'm forced to see ads everywhere on the interwebs.

Things are blinking and flashing and SCREAMING for my attention and I hates it.

I'm aware there is a small section of the world making a living by displaying ads on their websites. I am aware these people consider me a leech for not wishing to view their gratuitous commercialism. To those people I say: blow me! I make websites for a living as well and I chose to work in a noncommercial section of the web. I will look at your simple text-based ads like the Google thing but I will not put up with your idiotic seizure inducing blinking and flashing and SCREAMING. I hope there will be some kind of hack to make Safari ad-less again soon, otherwise I'm switching to another browser.


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