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Creation museum slideshow
Man, I wondered long and hard on whether to put this into the Atheism category but overall I think it should go into the Funny one instead.

Author John Scalzi (nope, I never heard of him either) took a tour of the new Creation Museum in Godmerica and has posted his findings on his blog. Funnier though is the accompanying flickr photoset. Make sure you have the time as it's 101 photo's long. Set the slideshow to slow and turn on the captions (it's in the options on the lower right side of the screen).

Make sure to occasionally stop the slideshow to read the captions and signs in the museum, I like the ones about travel-sized dinosaurs but then I've always wanted a pet dinosaur for myself. It's a pity that Adam guy spoiled it all for us, as apparently something he did caused a lot of them to stop eating coconuts and instead crave blood red meat.

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