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Death - and beyond
There's a great shortage of organ donors in the Netherlands. This is nothing new, we've had this for ages. Once every 10 years or so there's a huge public relations drive to get more people to sign up to donate their organs after their death. About 10 years ago (on 27-07-1998 according to a card I carry in my wallet) I signed up. Well it's that time of the decade again and we have a new drive to recruit more dead people. I mean organs! Anyway, I saw a commercial on TV the other night and what it said was basically the following:
Go to and make a choice. You can change your mind whenever you like, so nothing is set in stone.

This strikes me as a bit odd: presumably someone who choses to be a donor makes an informed choice on this. Do they really expect people to log in to this website and change their minds every month? Why are we even being told this? It strikes me as a bit odd really.

The site contains some nice info btw. Slightly less than 2.5 million Dutch people are registered as donors without reservations, about 1.5 million do not want their organs donated, 0.5 million have registered some reservations (not giving one or more specific organs(s)), 600.000 people are wishy washy and let someone else decide.
Also of note is the fact that almost 8.000 requests are made each year to see whether someone is listed as having registered a choice, presumably these requests are by doctors, emergency staff etc.
45% of registrations are by males, 55% by females. Wassup guys? Feeling a bit queasy???

Anyway, 16 million people in Dutchland, 5 million of them have made a choice, which is more than I expected but less than ideal. Can I somehow specify that should I happen to fall under a bus my organs are only donated to people who are also donors, or at the very least exclude the selfish bastards who do not want to give their pound of flesh?

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