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Time to emigrate?
In a rather shocking move today the Dutch Hoge Raad, the highest court we have, has decided that the SGP, a political party of christian zealots should be funded by the Dutch taxpayers. The subsidy was stopped in 2006 when the SGP was dragged to court by the Clara Wichmann organisation for not allowing women to stand as party officials. The reason the Hoge Raad gives for its decision to call the stopping of subsidies unconstitutional is that there are enough political parties that do allow women to stand as party officials, therefore the SGP has the right to refuse women to stand (they are allowed to become regular members). As the Hoge Raad is the highest court in The Netherlands an appeal isn't possible, although I presume that an appeal should be possible at the European court.
[In the interest of total clarity: it should be noted that the site for the Hoge Raad is currently throwing a wobbly and I cannot access it to verify the details beyond the information in the regular press.]

An english press summary can be found on

I am not a lawyer but it seems to me that in effect this means that discrimination is now legalised. So if I want to start a club in the center of Utrecht that disallows people with a dark skin colour this would be legal. As long as there are other clubs that do allow asians and blacks I'll be ok.

I'm sure the furore will start soon, it will be interesting to see how this plays out, although its very worrying to see this happen. 800.000 euros a year these backwards christians cost the Dutch taxpayer. Jesus wept! 800k a year, that's almost the same amount that's short on the education budget for better salaries for teachers.

I guess even in Holland you can do whatever the fuck you like as long as your reason for your idiocy is religion.

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