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I'm not sure how secret this is although my guess is not very so I'll tell you all that iCab has a beta out for version 4 (only for paying customers for the time being) based on Webkit. My initial reactions are very favorable and so far the beta has been extremely stable and a pleasure to use.

As it's based on Webkit it uses the global cookie store (that is also used by Safari) and offers inline spellchecking (great for blogposts) and significant rendering improvements. It also has old favorites Safari misses such as a nice bookmarks system (separators, oh how I've missed you!) and the filter manager, allowing you to filter out ads/allowing cookies/sending referer info/turning on or off javascript/etc on a per-site basis.

I didn't like version 3 very much as it felt outdated on OS X, the interface was a bit odd compared to the "solid feel" (hard to describe otherwise) of Safari but version 4 offers the normal unified look other mac apps have, here's hoping the final release isn't too far off so everyone can share in the joy.

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