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It's hard to compete with free
Newsgator's desktop clients are all free now.
I was already using NetNewsWire on my Mac at home, coupled with their online feedreader at work, but this means I can now install a desktop client on my work PC for free. I've tried Newsgator Inbox for Outlook but didn't like it much because it seemed a bit limited and added yet more stuff to Outlook's already crowded interface so I'm trying FeedDemon now. The interface is a bit daunting but it's ok, although not as great and easy to use as NNW is. The ability to let the clients sync with Newsgator Online so you're always up to date and not re-reading stuff is brilliant.

Anyways, if all you're using right now is an online reader give one of the clients a spin, if you don't like it you can always uninstall.

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