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Feeling a bit lost? Don't know what to believe in anymore?
Fear no more as Godchecker - your Guide to the Gods has the details on "over 2,850 deities."

Surely there's something here for everyone to believe in, whether that be EITUMATUPUA (from the Oceanic Mythology, "While spending time on the Earth he had a fling with ILAHEVA, a mortal lady. This impressed the neighbors no end") or LEMMINKAINEN (from the Finnish Mythology, "He was a brave warrior but suffered from an overdose of testosterone which caused much grief in his marriage") or KINGU (from the Mesopotamian Mythology, "KINGU was killed by ANU, and his body recycled to form universal bonus tracks and extra bits. One of the extras was the human race, formed from his blood. Sometimes dragons have a really tough time.") or any of a thousand others.

Also be sure to check the Search Engine if you're looking for that obscure squid god whose name escapes you.

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