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I took a few hours off work yesterday so I could go into the city to buy some concert tickets and hang around a bit. Whilst browsing around in a DVD store I came across the first two seasons of The Addams Family and I just had to snap them up.

Man, what a great series this still is, it's hard to believe this is from 1964, when the world wasn't in colour yet. The series hasn't dated much and the only gripe I have is with the canned laughter but after an episode or two you don't notice it as much anymore. The shows look fairly good for material this old and the sound is ok. The stories of this slightly dysfunctional family are still hugely entertaining, the way they always seem to get a visitor that runs away screaming, much to the families' bafflement, cracks me up every time.

Looks like I know what to do with my weekend.

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