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We let these people vote?
Good new everyone!
We already had political parties for islamophobes, pedophiles and the welfare of animals, now we're getting a party for stupid people!
That's right, the Party for Humanity and Spirituality (my translation) is made for you if you believe that distant astronomical objects influence the course of your life. If you believe that Pluto has an influence on your career, or Jupiter has an effect on your love life. A party based on "female energy", whatever that is. If you believe your life is influenced by mysterious forces like leylines and ghosts and the earth mother you'll be welcome. I think, it's hard to say with all this fluff on their website.
Seriously, they will notarize the formation of the party on march 11th at 11:50. That time and date has been especially chosen because it is based on an idealised horoscope of The Netherlands, according to a spokesperson on TV this morning.

It's good to see they'll be heavily promoting CAM, they wish all of us had access to these wonderful alternative medicines .. Ah fuck it, I can't keep a straight face here. Here's the deal: a couple of new-age hippies want to promote their distorted world-view. That's fine. They also want to be represented in our political system. That's getting borderline. Do we really want people who can't seem to tell the difference between fact and fiction, science and wishful thinking, determining the fate of our country?
Don't expect me to take these idiots seriously when they want all of us to have access to quacks and snake-oil. When they tell us that the youth of today is disenfranchised because they have some inner spirituality that isn't recognized by the current schools and that this is leading youths to crime. When one of their leaders is an astrologer on TV who reads the Tarot, does horoscopes, believes in the Kabala and other such nonsense.

"The time is ripe for a whole new spiritually inspired dimension in current politics. A new dimension that connects to the New Man. The New Man is a person that wants to connect heart and mind; intuition and knowledge; body and spirit; heaven and earth."
translated from the fist bullet point on this piece

Seriously, who decided it was a good idea to give the vote to everyone? Is it too late to reverse this somehow?

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