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Tonight I was woken up from the strangest dream I've had in a while. I dreamt I was a steelworker smelting ingots for the use of train tracks or something. It's a all a bit misty to be honest but it was definitely weird.
Not as weird as waking up with a very small bug in my left ear though. What the little bugger was doing there is a mystery but it felt like it was spinning a web or something. Whilst tap-dancing.
While I quite like the idea of having a resident pet in my body the location was a bit bothersome as it itched like mad. So I extracted it (well, squashed is more appropriate) with a q-tip. Unfortunately the tiny critter was unrecognisable after this procedure but I salute it nonetheless for it's adventurous spirit. This is the kind of mind that made Holland one of the wealthiest countries in the world in the seventeenth century, by boldly exploring the world around us, finding niches and taking what we could.

The odd thing is that years ago I wrote a short story about something very much like my nighttime visitor. It's not available in English but my Dutch friends might want to (re-)read De man met de duizendpoot in zijn oor.

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