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On resetting browser styles
NO CSS RESET pretty much sums up why I never use reset stylesheets.

The problem I've had with these resets is that I then find myself declaring much more than I ever needed to just to get browsers back to rendering things the way I want. As it turns out, I'm perfectly happy with how a number of elements render by default. I like lists to have bullets and strong elements to have bolded text.

And I'm okay if the various browsers show things slightly differently.

Like the author I'm ok with different browsers behaving a bit different on pages I make. I am dismayed at the thought of having to specifically enable certain things again. Things that are the same everywhere, like italics for <em> and bold for <strong> elements.
I can see the attraction and in many cases I do override standard behaviour; but to reset everything? Nah, I like my CSS to be clean and maintainable. Not because I think most of my sites will be taken over by someone else, not because I don't have the time to do this, because I could make the time. It's simply that I think my time can be better spent elsewhere.
On most projects a lot of my time goes into managing copywriters, who are often not professional writers but merely students or faculty staff. And often that's a bigger challenge than managing different layouts in different browsers.

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