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The previously promised movie news is here!
Rejoice, oh readers! I promised you an update on new movies and here it is.

First of all I got the DVD of Cloverfield and I must say it's a very nice movie, and it almost lives up to the hype. It's not a great movie, but it is extremely watchable and good entertainment. I was a bit annoyed that it only lasted about 80 minutes because I could have easily watched another hour. Yes, the protagonists do really stupid stuff like running towards a towering monster; a real person would have been changing his underwear constantly but thems the benefits of living in movieland.

Second: I got myself the DVD of Acción Mutante, the classic Álex de Iglesia title in which a band of mutants kidnaps a princess and takes her on a spaceship. Things go downhill from there, with half of a siamese twin dying and other problems besieging the odd bunch of anti-heroes. Remind me to write a full review of this and his other classics, such as El Día de la Bestia in which a hardrocker feeds LSD to his grandfather as it keeps him nice and mellow.

Third: after a rather disappointing Butthole Surfers concert last tuesday (srsly, who thought that touring with the school of rock was a good idea?) I came home to see the CD/DVD of Sieben's High Broad Field in the mailbox. Awesomeness! (Go to and select High Broad Field from the menu.)

Really great stuff here, the naked lady I posted about previously is back, there's also some kind of knight wandering around, the song texts are great, including monologues from a CAT and GOD ("as a woman"). As well as a host of other characters (see Matt's site for a lot more info.)
As I had a day off on wednesday I put on the DVD with headphones and blissed out.
All in all not a bad week for movies.

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