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It's true if it's in the news
I read a christian newspaper at work and I was going to rant about some of the stuff in there (I really shouldn't read that kind of thing, I know, it's very bad for my blood pressure) but instead I got distracted by this piece from the BBC website: Fire crews hunt escaped hamster which is actually a lot more fun. I do hope the hamster is well.

Another fun thing I read today is that in the long term it's getting colder. News is really amazing sometimes. Here we are in the middle of october and we're told it will get colder. Next they'll try to tell you it might snow this winter.

Updated below.
Aaaaaaaargh: I just read the links in the side bar to the BBC article and there's another brilliant hamster-related gem there:
Runaway rodent collared by police.
A hamster was taken into custody after walking into Cheltenham police station.

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