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I have uploaded the pics I took on our recent holiday in Barcelona. This is probably only of interest to those who were there but anyone can join in and look at my amazing skills as a photographer. Clicky the pic below for the entire set.

Unfortunately the weather let us down a bit with lots of rain. I also have to say that going to Barcelona between christmas and the new year is perhaps not the best idea as lots of stuff will be closed. I did get to eat some good food and the difference between what the Dutch call ham and what the southern countries sell under that name is stark and leaves our own ham look like a pasted together pieces of watery meatstuff.

Camerawise the iPhone held up a bit better than I expected, although the lack of any kind of zoom is very limiting, especially when taking pictures of large objects such as La Sagrada de Familia. I did manage to get some nice shots of plantain bark which always leaves me amazed at the beauty in nature.

The Sagrada is still not finished and my good friend Harold (k) mentioned it probably never will as the unfinished work of Gaudi attracts loads of visitors for the town, which is a shame as the insanity of some of the detail is simply stunning. I also like the fact that many of the details are taken from nature but that might just be my personal idiosyncrasy.

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