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I just harvested a rather impressive fluffbunny from my navel when suddenly it struck me: maybe I need a hobby. Maybe I need to start collecting my navellint. Then rationality prevailed: why would you want to do something like that? Would doing such a thing not be a very clear indication that your life has, somewhere, taken a rather drastic turn for the worse. Then the real realisation hit me: this has probably been done already. Somewhere there is a sad case, someone very disturbed has stolen my idea and has been collecting his daily production ofnavel lint for years and years and has an impressive collection. And, this being the modern world where everyone and his dog has a website, he's been making this known to the world.
I was, of course, correct. Meet Graham whose site contains interesting tid-bits and photos of his collection.
Guess I'll have to find a more original hobby.

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