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Please excuse the silence around here. I've been busy at work, we're doing the Dutch version of 23 things. This is a course that teaches library staff various web 2.0 tools like weblogs, Flickr, wikis, RSS readers, social networks and forces them to think about them and how they might be implemented in a library setting. It's a fun course but takes a lot of time, I am a coach so that means I not only follow the course myself but also attempt to guide several people through it. The 23 things aren't all actually tools on the web, some of the things are just moments to reflect on stuff learned previously. As part of this I keep a weblog (yes, I've been cheating on you, I am seeing a weblog on the side, it's not you baby, it's me) and comment on other people's blogs. This is taking a bit more time than I expected and I haven't really felt the urge to write here as well.

Another thing is that I've been dabbling with video editing again. Last time I did this the OOOk Default: team were amateur VJs and most of the work we did was done in Premiere 4 and 5, as well as After Effects. Things have sure changed. I have After Effects CS3 and Premiere Pro CS3 but the interfaces have changed so much that it's hard to adapt to old ways of working. In fact I am finding it easier to work in iMovie as that's more intuitive to use and it DOESN'T MESS UP THE FRACKING SOUND!
Adobe's interface designers have gone mad and their editing tools have become arcane and cumbersome. By contrast iMovie has hit the spot for me. At first glance the editing tools are extremely limited but with a bit of time you can accomplish quite nice things. Plus it DOESN'T MESS UP THE FRACKING SOUND! In fact I really thought I might not like iMovie thinking it was way too limited but Apple has left out all the non-essentials and just focussed on getting the important bits right. I'm using version 6 which is a bit old by now and I understand things have changed a bit in later versions but don't have any experience with those.

The thing I'm working on is a compilation of some epic fights in Ulduar, which is a new dungeon in World of Warcraft. I may show it to you all when it's finished.

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