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How to influence aliens
Imagine, if you will, the moment you were born. Perhaps there was a window open next to your birth bed. The sun struck your ugly purple wrinkled face (most babies are ugly except to their parents, a fact many parents aren't willing to admit to) and your crooked grin with bubbly saliva reflected some photons back into space. Now imagine those photons zooming through space on an angle, who knows what alien civilisations might pick up a stray photon of you and who knows what they make of it. Perhaps Earth's atmosphere has left clues in the spectrum of the presence of methane or oxygen, perhaps bug-eyed, tentacled monsters are calculating the possibilities of life on that utterly insignificant little blue-green planet far away, near a small unregarded yellow sun. Perhaps they are itching for an excuse to build a interstellar super highway and wreck some lives? Or perhaps they want to be penpals!

Get your own RSS feed with your lightcone, my photons have had a busy few weeks and more is coming.

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