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Going crazy
Gaaaaaaah, I'm going completely crazy.

Got word yesterday that the site of the institution I work at would be switching to a new CMS today. None of the sites I maintain and manage are going over till december (or at all, in case of marginal, low-volume, sites).
This transition has been announced before for various dates and times but this time it looked to be really definite. And so it was.

Mailed colleagues yesterday not to report problems to me or anyone else as they were expected and should be fixed asap once the ramifications were known, yet today I've been fielding many many phonecalls, emails and walk-ins from people who somehow seem to think that this mail doesn't apply to them, which leads to lots of frustration on my side, hence the Gaaaaaaah.

If you'll excuse me I'll go lie down in a corner and scream some more.

I should be done in a minute and then it's time for a beer!

I like my job, I really do, but not all the time.

I do like beer though. Hmmmmmmmm......

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