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Arrr!!! me hearties
A jolly pirate day to all. I hope you all took the opportunity to dress like a pirate today so that we may be fighting the evil global warmings!

I took the opportunity to see how life is affected in the virtual world.
I first took the seaturtle to the southern seas.

As the day would be long I quickly grabbed some fish.

I then happened on a flock of penguins, who told me (at least I think they did) that this is one of the hottest years in recent memory (their memory isn't that good to be honest).

After this I headed west and saw a clear sign of global warming, here you see a musk fighting to the death with a wild beast, crazy with hunger as the normal glacier wildlife has been driven away by more temperate species.

Saddened I left this area, but not after a good friend invited me for some old fashioned pirating to lift my spirits.

Remember to dress like a pirate often and to honor his noodly appendage.

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