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Browser games - minireviews
Just a quick shout out to let you all know my Swedish friend Psyce (a.k.a. Woorg) from WoW has created a site where he hopes to review browsergames.

He's in for a massive challenge as the number of browsergames is already huge and still exploding and he's just at 4 at this moment but give him a visit. I tried almost all of the ones reviewed as we chat about this sometimes.

I'll do some quick mini reviews for some games he hasn't covered yet.

I just tried Evony for a few days which is advertised on Facebook as the browsergame with the most members. The early stages of the game are very much like Travian where you cultivate some resources, upgrade the gathering of said resources and build up the infrastructure of a town and fortify it with a military presence.
Unfortunately the MMO aspect is ill thought-out, chatchannels and even the game window itself are constantly spammed by irrelevant messages from the game itself (XXX has won a Scroll of Uberness worth 50 cents, YYY has won a Pendant of Doubtful Usefulness worth 15 cents).
I found these constant irrelevant messages so distracting that I quit.
The good side of this game is that it guides you very well in building up your town via quests, unlike Travian which to my mind kinda dumps you after the introduction. The quest part of Evony is definitely something other games could benefit from.

I also tried to try out Seafight but the method to log in via OpenID didn't really work very well (I have an OpenID account at Wordpress). I did manage to log in a few times but the first time I spent about half an hour looking for the actual sea part. This game could use a good tutorial or guided quests to get you started, as it is it just dumps you in the deep end and hopes you figure it out before you get frustrated. I just quit.

I also tried out some Facebook games from Zynga, I like Mafia Wars a lot and will continue to play that for the foreseeable future, but games like Roller Coaster Kingdom are a bit boring and you're limited to a very very basic game unless you have tons of other friends that play it, and FarmVille is too much like Molehill Empire in which I've already invested more than 6 months. (I'm currently ranked 21 on server 3.)

So all in all browsergames offer a lot of fun playing but there's some real problems in many of them. With the business booming I expect to see more top notch games in the next year though.

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