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Clipart sucks, you should use it too!
After working for 12 years at the same place today I have made my first Powerpoint presentation, to be delivered Thursday.
Until now I have always been successful at avoiding Powerpoint, but I felt it was time to dive in and test the water.

Frankly I must say that Powerpoint isn't that bad as an authoring tool. Setting up slides was fairly easy and as long as you stay away from the annoying transitions and styles and themes and whatnot the results can be quite good and clearly presented.
Of course there's an unwritten law that states that every Powerpoint presentation should have at least one slide with gratuitous, unneeded and cheesy clipart (so bad it's almost real art!). So I felt obliged to insert that with the title (loosely translated) "Gratuitous clipart as required by law".

The biggest and most time consuming part of the project was animating that last slide so parts fade in and out to provide a flowcharty time-line type of thing (with Custom Animations as they're called). Powerpoint sucks at this. Big time. Seriously, this is the best Microsoft programmers can do? I guess it shouldn't come as a big surprise.

But I did get to use that lovely clipart!

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