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Linkchecking in OS X
There has been some discussion lately on a mailinglist I'm on about linkcheckers. Now when I'm on a windows machine I use Xenu which is blistering fast:

Unfortunately it doesn't run on Macs. There are however some freeware tools available for *nix systems and I tried a few of them. Unfortunately the install process of most *nix software leaves a lot to be desired. I did some further digging and found the following:

It uses Perl (installed by default on OSX) and some perl modules which you might need to install (libwww, URI, HTML::Parser, MIME::Base64, Digest::MD5, and libnet):
In addition to the listed modules I found I also needed to install HTML::Tagset, available here:

To install a perlmodule simply download the targzip, uncompress (a recent version of stuffit expander will do) and (using the terminal):
cd path_to_directory_that_was_just_created
perl Makefile.PL
make test
sudo make install

After you've done this for all modules (it will take about ten minutes of your time) use the commandline to run checkbot like so:
checkbot --url --verbose. It also has the option to mail the results, using another module, I will leave the installation and getting it up to the reader, though you may mail me if you need a hint ;-)

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