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I have made some small changes to the navigationbar at the left to better reflect what's on this site and what most people are looking for. I've also tweaked the code a bit to improve readability and to make the searchresults better. I now exclude the navigation bar from indexing. I use Atomz and to exclude parts of a page you have to wrap it in "noindex" tages. Noindex isn't valid HTML so I just use PHP to put the tag in there when Atomz visits, here's the start, you can figure out the closing section yourself I think:

if ($HTTP_USER_AGENT == "Atomz/1.0")
  echo "<noindex>";// navbar excluded

The benefit of this method is that I maintain valid HTML as much as possible and by excluding the navigationbar from indexing the search results are much more focused. Previously when searching for "extensions" you would find every page on this site as the word was there on all the pages in the navbar, now you'll only find the pages that are about dreamweaver extensions. Much better.

  Why does Atomz require invalid HTML? Why not use something like:
  <!-- exclude from index --> Stuff here <!-- /exclude from index -->

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