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Just a small update to let you all know I'm very busy with work right now so not much time to write a new article*. I'm trying to convince the central webteam of the college I work for that writing valid HTML that works in all browsers in all platfoms is A Good Thing™ and really not that hard. The website is a shambles right now, (glitches everywhere at best and non-functional crap at worst in ALL Mac browsers) simply because they can't or won't employ people with some common sense. It's an uphill struggle, someone has apparantly convinced them that ignoring 5% of your audience is a legitimate practice for a government funded institution. Don't even get me started on the crap they're trying to pull with Flash and JavaScript. Someone should be shot because of that.

*) I did find the time to hack in a small nicity (is that a word?) in the homepage though. I've changed the title so it will tell you how many times you've visited, just try a reload or two with cookies enabled. Enjoy!

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