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Hangmen: the best movie I saw this week
I've got a confession to make: I can really enjoy B-movies.

There, I said it. Today I watched Hangmen. The movie was on sale and only cost a couple of euro's and the sleeve promised me not only Sandra Bullock but also a thrilling movie. Now I'm a big fan of Sandra's early work, anyone who can hack the net with ResEdit deserves respect.

Side note. Oooooh, look at the previous link.
Apple updates ResEdit frequently to assist develoopers [...].
Apple updates ResEdit frequently. Coool, does this mean that the version I have around here is hopelessly outdated and there are actually newer version than 2.1.3? (It was created on the 15th of July 1994.) Are there newer versions around for, say, OS X? Anyway, clearly Apple is committed to us develooper types. That's always a good thing to see in a computer company.

Anyway, this movie. Cool stuff. Bad acting all around, Sandra hasn't had anything done to her figure yet and boy is the storyline muddled. It's hard for me to state just how bad this movie is or summarise it's overall crappyness. It just rocks.

Get out and get it. I don't care how: rent it, steal it, buy it (just don't spend too much on it). I'm sure that if all readers do this and then vote on the IMDB we can raise that pathetic 3.1 out of 10 vote.

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