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An update on the continuing saga of the struggle for crossbrowser, crossplatform webdesign
I have written before about my struggles to get the website of the college I work for more friendly to anything but IE/Win.

Here's a small update.
In my talks with the interim webmanager I heard that there were some problems about exactly which version of HTML the CMS would generate.
Today I did some digging and found out that while the site reports itself as HTML 401 Transitional, it does this by supplying an incomplete doctype. This means that browsers like IE and Netscape/Mozilla go into Quirk mode, effectively meaning they render in bugwards compatible mode. This is needed as the site uses a mish-mash of HTML 4 elements like divs, HTML 3 elements like the font tag and non-existant HTML like table height.

I reported this to our webmanager and he'll use this to leverage the supplier for better output from the system.

There's some light at the end of the tunnel, let's hope it's not a train...

In unrelated news our IT people are moving us all to Windows XP. This migration should have been completed some time ago for all the computers in the library where I work, so of course there are enormous hickups and most systems fail to startup. Luckily my friend Jurjan, the programmer for Virtual Pet Rock is on holidays and I have his Titanium Powerbook so I've had the pleasure of listening to the epic Hollenthon in iTunes while coding in BBEdit.
I've also had the pleasure of downloading the monolithic Microsoft Office X update at 400kb/sec. Sometimes life is very, very good.

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