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PerversionTracker reviews Virtual Pet Rock

what I had feared since last december has finally happened. PerversionTracker has reviewed Virtual Pet Rock.

PerversionTracker (PvT) is a spoof on VersionTracker and keeps an eye out for apparantly useless software. To be featured on PvT your software must be useless (or pretty darn near it). Scoring is on a scale of 1 to 11, where 11 is the worst. 'Bonus' points can be gotten for stuff like coding in RealBasic, using an inappropriate metal interface, baffling dialogs, ugly icons, not following Apple's Human Interface Guidelines and using bad spelling.

Virtual Pet Rock received a 5.5, which is lower than I would have expected, but then we don't use a metallic interface or RealBasic.

The review is pretty funny so check it out.

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