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Loads of things are happening, almost none of them related to webdesign.

First of all I'd like to say that I have just decided today wil be known as memory day. I got a bizarre phonecall from someone who was in primary school with me around twenty years ago. I've been kinda dazed all evening. Looks like she managed to track almost all the people I was in class with and we might have a reunion some day soon. The bizarre thing is that she managed to track me at all and that she named all these names of people who I knew yet have no recollection of whatsoever. (Well, mentioning the names brought something back, but yeesh, I haven't thought about that period in my life in ages. If anyone reading this went to "De Hobbitstee" in Alphen a/d Rijn and "graduated" in 1982 drop a note.)

Then to top it off I decided to play around a bit with the new Eudora that's just out and decided to check the e-mail account of my previous job. (I still work for the same institution, only at a different faculty, hence a new adress.) Turns out I can still access it and still get some relevant mail. I just hope these people didn't expect an answer back in july or they must think I'm the laziest bum around. (They would, of course, be correct, but they oughtn't to know that!)

To celebrate the elevation of today to memory day I have put Candlemass' Black Sabbath Medley on loop in iTunes. I have also been reading Calvin and Hobbes. Great stuff, Hobbes is God.

So what about the newsscript I hear cry from somewhere back in the crowd. Good question. I'll get back to you on that later if you don't mind.

To tide you over here's a fun link that will tell you more about jellyfish than you thought you wanted to know:

If you were a jellyfish, what would you eat? I'd eat Pizza but listen to this: Jellyfish eat small animals such as shrimp and plankton.

Damn straight, I'd eat pizza too.

By the way: if anyone is willing to betatest the new version of my newsscript/blogthingy (that powers what you're reading now by the way) give me a holler. Applicants without PHP/MySQL need not apply. As an incentive all betatesters will receive a free copy of the new version. This is just as free as the version other people will get but you'll feel so much better because your download will be personally blessed by me. That's right, turns out I have an alter ego that has connections up high.

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