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Excellent XML tutorial
Some time ago I discovered the following website: Getting Started With XML. A workshop about XML designed for librarians and related staff.

I bookmarked the site and forgot about it, until this week a colleague of mine told me about some of the exercises she had to do for the workshop she was following. Turns out that she's getting pretty deep into XML.

In fact she is getting so deep into the stuff that there's a real danger that pretty soon she'll know more about XML than I do currently.
This cannot happen I tell you! I'm the techie around here so I'd better start learning fast else she'll take my job and give me hers, which means I'll have to coordinate people and get me some of them thar people skills I've heard about.

That's when I remembered the website mentioned above. I started reading yesterday afternoon and after an hour or so I reached chapter 5, where things are starting to get interesting. The tutorial is pretty easy to follow and the exercises are clear. In fact though the site is targeted at librarians I think it perfectly suitable for any audience. So here's my advice: If you've been meaning to start with XML there's really no better place to go.

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